Authentic Yoga?

Yoga- the Science of Human Consciousness originated in India more than 7000 years ago. The Originator of Yoga was Hiranyagarbha. Hiranyagarbha literally means “golden egg” is a symbolic expression of Supreme Consciousness or Real Self or Brahman (meaning The Absolute and The Infinite). Further, scriptures say that Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva are the originators of the ancient science of yoga. The Absolute in its unmanifest state contains both Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. Yoga finds referances in Vedas, Upanishads, Aryanakas (ancient scriptures), Puranas (mythological texts), Sutras (Patanjali, Sankhya etc), Gita (Astavakra-Gita, Bhagvad Gita, and Avadhoot Gita etc), Mahabharta, Ramayana (historical epics), Poetical writings of Kalidas, Kabir, Surdas, Rahim, and many others. Further, over 250 Tantra texts explain in details about many yoga practices. During 19th and 20th century , many yoga masters have written commentaries on authentic texts includes, four classical texts by Swami Vivekananda, The Life Divine and The Synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo, Shakti and Shkta by John Woodrooff and many others. In addition, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Guru Nanank, etc have shown people the specialized paths of yoga.

Since Vedic period, the knowledge and practices of yoga had been evolved until date. There had been many experimentations by different great masters who contrbiuted immensely to science of yoga at different times.

There are few significant points in during the period of over 5000 years of history of yoga. First is that every one accepted, experiemented and validated the fundamentals of yoga through their own individulaized experiential learning.  Second point is that every helped and contributed into the evolution of yoga and its practices. Third point is that every one returned to same material world but after total inner transformation and inspired the humanity towards Health, Harmony, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, and Success. They all have taught the importance of awakening the inner potential by withdrawing the mind within for experiencing the ultimate consciousness.

It is very important that modern man should understand the philosophy, concept, and practices first before they attempt to correlate them with philosophy, concepts, and practices of modern science. Both Modern Science and Science of Yoga aims at discovery of truth lies potentially in Nature, World and within man, but their approachs are different. Modern Science is experimental while Yoga is experimental in the beginning but moves into experiential learning. Modern science works in the relam of relative truth and concives an idea of The Absolute while Yoga aims at The Absolute truth while working in the field of relative world. Both sciences complement each other, as Yoga is journey of man from spirituality to science while Modern Science is a journey, as it appears from Matter to sprituality. They should help each other in an attempt to discover the Whole of Man so that future humanity lives in Health, Harmony, and Happiness supported by highest wisdom lies potentially within man.